Nipntuck Big Leaguer, WC

DOB: 11/26/06

This picture is not how Barry carried his bird to earn his WC, but rather once he brought it back to me and I turned around to talk to the judges, he grabbed it, ran back out in the water and tossed it for himself a few times because he wanted to swim more! He is a water fiend, and now that he is learning about birds, loves them, too. :)
* Barry earned his Working Certificate title on April 5 after only three field training outings. We are so proud of him, he is driven.

* Best Opposite in Sweeps and Reserve Winners Dog from the 9-12 mo class, IPLRC '07 (littermate Snap was Best in Sweeps), Judges were Margaret Brown, Ramsayville Labradors, Scotland and
Mary McCullough, Frewlings Labs, Scotland. (Also RWD IPLRC '08)

* Barry was Winners Dog for a five-point major Jan. 12, owner/breeder handled on the Puyallup Circuit, his first weekend in Open.

First, 6-9 month dogs, Canadian National Specialty, Marion Hopkinson
First, 9-12 month dogs, LRC, Inc. National Specialty, Kirsi Luomanen
First, 12-18 month dogs, both regular classes at the SJVLRC shows, Jean-Louis Blais
First, 12-18 month chocolate dogs, Potomac, Siv Sando
First, 15-18 month sweepstakes dogs, Potomac, David Volette
First, Open Chocolate Dogs, RCLRC, Winnie Limbourne
First, Open Chocolate Dogs, PSLRA, Diane Pilbin
RWD, IPLRC, Brian Parrot, UK, 10/08
RWD to a 4 point Major, WIKC, 11/08

Prelimmed at 7 and 14 months, hips Good, elbows Normal
(Finals taken 1/7/09, click clearances to see radiographs)
Eyes: OptiGen A by parentage, DNA tested
ACVO cleared at eight weeks and again on 1/18/08
Heart clearance preformed by a certified cardiologist
Full Dentition -- Cc (does not carry yellow)

Nipntuck Big Leaguer (Apple x CH Belgairn Tom Jones), "Barry," photos at Potomac at 16 months. (Best in Sweeps photo by Rebecca Cook.) Barry is looking great, and has just the kind of stable, fun-loving, willing to please personality we value so much here. Barry's pedigree and his clearances and WC are here.

Barry has absolutely fabulous structure, loves to swim and is an insane retriever. He has more retrieving drive than any dog I've owned, and I am confident can produce puppies suitable for hunt test work at the highest levels. We began his field training in February and are so proud, he is really driven. He is so athletic he is an enormous show off, leaping fences and the other dogs just for fun. (Literally, rarely a day goes by that he doesn't jump over another dog's back while running.) Then he'll stop in a perfect show pose, head up, tail out, as if there's no other way for him to look.

*The Potomac judge, Siv Sando of Norway, said of Barry: "I really liked this dog. Balanced, his neck just flew into a strong back. Even color, dark eye, just as matured he should be. Very good mover."

*Marion Hopkinson's critique when Barry won the 6-9 mo dog class at the Canadian National: "Good-sized puppy with lovely solid body, gives a very good outline, good length of neck into shoulder, well ribbed and good quarter, hocks nice and firm and an easy mover both ways."

*Barry also won the 9-12 month class at the LRC, Inc. National Specialty under Kirsi Luomanen, Tweedledum: "A promising puppy of very good breed type, beautiful neck and shoulders, good forechest, good bone."

A friend from Europe said to me the other day--"Barry is a Superstar." Another breeder-judge said: "There's too much short leg, long back out there right now and this chocolate boy is going to be helpful to his color." I am so pleased that the comments about Barry have been so positive, he is maturing into a special dog, in every regard.

For many more pictures of Barry in slideshow format. You can also see Barry's newly finished Canadian CH littermates, Forest and Snap at Sunnydaze Labradors.

(Barry had a semen evaluation done on January 19, 2009: 1.4 billion sperm, 99% motility, 96% normal, performed by ICSB--International Canine Semen Bank.)

An eight week old girl from a Sunnydaze litter, out of an unshown bitch, a chocolate out of Barry's first litter, out of an unshown bitch, at almost nine weeks. A girl from Barry's Charm litter (bottom left) at just shy of eight weeks, and a girl owned by Skyfire Labradors. Barry appears to be consistently producing great toplines with very short backs and croups and plenty of angulation front and rear. Love that correct, square look! :)


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