This is Nipntuck I Believe, "Eva" Coal x Charm, pictured at six and 13 months, and winning a 4 pt major and BOS over multiple specials at 14 months, with her daddy as WD and BOB. Eva also won back to back specialties in 2010, going WB and BOW at both the RCLRC shows. After a glorious career in the whelping box, Eva has produced numerous champions and specialty winners for us. Sadly, she will be retired from the show ring with 14 points and four majors. Eva has good hips, normal elbows, and a heart clearance.

** Best in Sweepstakes, PSLRA Match, Dana Plonkey **
** RWB , 4 point Major, Portland 1/22/2010
** WB, BOS, 4 point major, Portland, 1/23/2010
** WB, BOW, 4 point major, RCLRC 7/15/2010, Laura Dedering
** WB, BOW, 4 point major, RCLRC 7/17/2010, Gail Shearer